Stop Smoking

The quit smoking program that works.

Dr. Pierce has refined a hypnosis treatment that really works to allow you to quit smoking cigarettes easily. This technique takes 45 minutes or less and is effective in 90% of people.

How it works:

Have you ever told yourself: "I'm going to quit smoking cigarettes"?

How many times have you promised yourself or others that you were going to stop smoking cigarettes?

When most people make these promises, they sincerely mean it. They are motivated to improve their health, save money, avoid the tragic consequences of cigarette smoking, and make their families happy and proud. Unfortunately, in most cases, the combination of the cigarette smoking habit and the nicotine addiction overpowers their good intentions and motivation.

Most smoking cessation treatments (gum, patches, medications) try to reduce the power of the habit and/or the strength of the addiction. These treatments are effective in just over half the people who try them. The hypnosis treatment that Dr. Pierce uses works to strengthen your own motivation. His treatment is effective in 90% of his patients (assessed at 6 month follow up).

When you are in a hypnotic trance, your subconscious mind is open to suggestions. When you are in your normal state of mind, these suggestions have strong influences on the conscious choices you make and on your behaviors. Dr. Pierce has been using this technique for over 20 years and has refined it so that his suggestions awaken in you the power to do what you already want to do: be a non-smoker.

By strengthening your unconscious desire to stop smoking and become a permanent non-smoker, quitting cigarettes becomes easier than you can imagine.

What you do:

Dr. Pierce will meet with you for about 15 minutes to discuss your smoking habit and hypnosis in general. There is no fee for this assessment. At that time he will know if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. If you are, you will schedule your treatment about a week later. The treatment session lasts 45 minutes or less, after which you are a non-smoker.